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This is the third in a series of interviews with not-for-profit leaders in partnership with Better Boards. Better Boards are holding their annual conference for non-profit leaders on 24-26 July in Brisbane. They are also holding Sprout Summit to equip emerging leaders to drive positive impact in Brisbane on 24 July 2015.


Tim is the CEO of Business Analysts Pty Ltd (BAPL) – an expert business analysis company offering business analyst consultants for initiatives or projects, as well as education services. BAPL helps customers improve revenue, reduce expenses or increase market share through technology solutions.

Tim has depth of experience across the entire Project and Software Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC) from project planning, preparing business cases, and business process modeling, to business/functional/non-functional requirements specification, tendering, security and access configuration, testing, training, transition planning, implementation, and post-implementation support. His experience as a Business Analyst over the past 20 years has seen him work in 18 countries, working for federal, state and local government, construction and property development, mining, information technology, law enforcement, entertainment, aged care, health care, transport/logistics and finance.

Tim has presented at the BA World Symposiums in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011; Building Business Capability in 2013 and 2014; and participates regularly in the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA®) forums.

He lives in Brisbane with his wife & three children.

Tell us a little bit about your idea and what made you decide to take the plunge and make it happen?

Technology can be a great tool for business & life, if used efficiently & effectively. At Business Analysts Pty Ltd (BAPL) we help our customers achieve great outcomes to be more efficient – often using technology.

We take pride in achieving business outcomes at lower cost, with lower risk and in less time. We do this because we are experts in business analysis and we know what needs to be done.

Fundamentally, we started up the business because we wanted a more satisfying work career, to improve projects that utilise technology, and we have been enjoying the challenges ever since.

Can you please explain your business model?

We provide consulting services in business analysis, helping clients improve revenue, reduce expenses or increase market share through technology solutions.

What are you working on right now and what are you most excited about in the next year?

Customers are starting to understand the value of expert business analysis; they are seeing the difference in results between a general resources and a specialised business analysis company.

How do you make ideas happen?

Plan, mentally rehearse the successful outcome, believe and execute.

What does your typical day look like?

I’m up at 5:30am, run until 6:15 am, at work around 7:30am, answer emails, make calls, and attend meetings. Leave to avoid the traffic around 2pm, pick the kids up from school and have afternoon tea with the family. Then I answer emails until dinner and normally work for a couple hours before bed.


What challenges have you faced when starting or growing a business/organisation in Australia?

The market viewed us as too small or not enough breadth, but now we have over 50 staff, and the market is now recognising that having an expert BA company helping them is worth it in engaging us over a generalist company.

What is one idea you are willing to give away for free?

If you have a successful career, help someone else reach his or her career goal – pay it forward.

What people/companies/organisations do you think are doing really cool stuff in your industry, in Australia at the moment?

International Institute of Business Analysis Australia Chapter. http://australia.iiba.org



What about internationally?

Tesla – a fully electric car that has a range of 480km and does 0-100km in 3.3 secs.

What role do you think business can play in affecting social change?

Business is changing quickly. With the digital disruptive revolution upon us, organisations must change quickly to stay relevant, but we also need to change to improve society.

Speaking of affecting social change, is there a particular charity you’d like our readers to know about and to support?

Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) 

Name 3 websites you would recommend to our readers.


Barossa Valley Wine Drive

Indigenous Art & Culture  

Are there opportunities for people to get involved with your idea (e.g. are you looking for funding, interns, marketing help)?

Yes, we are looking for intelligent, passionate, dedicated people interested in a career in business analysis.

We’re aiming to build a community of Australian idea makers helping each other. If you could have one question answered about startups, marketing, social media, accounting, monetization, product development etc. What would it be?

How can a startup communicate its services to as many people as possible so that they know they exist?

What’s your favourite bar/café/restaurant?



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