That Startup Show – Episode 1

That Start Up Show - Episode 01

Episode 1 of That Start Up Show - What the BLEEP is a Start Up? Featuring Dan Ilic, Bronwen Clune, Alan Noble and Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, as well as pitc...

Great new late night style show about Australian startups – fresh out of Melbourne. It is seriously worth watching the whole hour but if your pressed for time and just want to see some incredibly cool Australians startups pitch their ideas skip to about 28 minutes:

  • – a beautiful phone based musical instrument called the motion synth (recently successfully funded on Kickstarter)
  • Our Home – get your kids motivated to do chores
  • Blood Moon – a gin tonic made with Australian native botanicals (recently successfully funded on Pozible)

Get tickets to the next live show here.


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