Could technology improve your family life? These 7 Australian startups certainly think so

For many of us technology such as smartphones and social media is now deeply integrated into our family life. From Facebook to Facetime, technology keeps us together and sometimes, more importantly, it can also keep us safe. Below we explore seven of the best Australian startups producing products for families and kids – from personal safety to finding activities to keep your children busy on school holidays.


#1 KoalaSafe – Easily manage your child’s internet browsing



The internet can be a dangerous place for kids, with inappropriate sites and images just a Google search away. Technology changes very quickly, and more often than not your kid will likely be more tech-savvy than you. With KoalaSafe, parents can easily stay one step ahead using a personalized, safe and separate WiFi network. Plug the box in, connect all your kids’ devices to the KoalaSafe network, and voila – safe internet usage and powerful parental controls are yours. You can block specific websites, limit internet time and even block specific apps like Snapchat and Instagram. KoalaBox comes with up-to-date Google SafeSearch and sites already blocked, saving you the hard work of figuring out which sites to block. An analytics page gives you a detailed breakdown of exactly how your kids are using their internet time and what sites they’ve been visiting. Ultimately, KoalaSafe is an extremely straightforward and safe internet system for families.

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#2 Today We Learned – Get quick updates on your child’s learning


Kids spend the majority of their time at school learning, but that doesn’t mean it should end when they get back home. With Today We Learned, you can stay informed with what your child learned at school. The focus is not on reports and reminders however, but rather conversations around learning and engaging with your kids education. Research shows that dinnertime learning conversations greatly improve student’s memory and motivation. The Today We Learned website and app keeps you updated, allowing you to initiate such meaningful conversations and play an important role in your child’s education.

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#3 Hippogo – Manage all your kid’s activities in one place


Scrunched forms, trawling newspapers and last minute Google searches… finding and organising kids activities can be a big hassle for parents. Hippogo skips all of that and centralizes local activities onto one website, answering the question of “What to do these school holidays?”. Currently, the online service has heaps of great activity listings for Sydney and surrounds, from water parks to workshops. With plenty of service providers, activities are being added every day. If you’re in Sydney and wondering how to keep your kids busy for the holidays or weekends, Hippogo is your go-to website.

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#4 Tinybeans – Your online baby journal


Capture and share all of your baby’s precious milestones and everything in between with Tinybeans. The Tinybeans app and website private baby journal allows you to save all your baby photos online, and share them via social media or email to family members. This service is a fantastic niche social network if you want to safely and privately share moments as your baby grows up. Tinybeans can even compile a photobook of all your milestones as a personal memento. For something as important as your child’s journey, it’s a great way to keep a record that isn’t diluted by chaotic Facebook or Instagram feeds.

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#5 Kizkaz Genie – Your smart, personal planning assistant

Kizkaz Genie

Live in or visiting Melbourne and looking for things to do? Genie is there for you. This genius service gets you in contact with your own personal assistant who can find anything from flights and accommodation to family events and home services. Just send a message through the Kizkaz Genie app of your request, and an actual human will reply with info on whatever it is you need. The Genie service can also handle booking and payment for you through a secure Stripe payment. There’s even an in-house photographer who can take photos of your family visit. Genie is completely free and available on the App Store and Google Play.

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#6 Moochies Kids Watch – Safety smartwatch for kids


Being safe just got stylish. Moochies safety smartwatch allows parents to call, track and keep their children safe wherever they are. With the Moochies for Kids app, parents can pair their phone with their child’s Moochies smartwatch and call them anywhere, anytime. The watch itself is a pretty snazzy accessory with a variety of colours and styles available, and includes an SOS button and two call buttons which are synced to emergency contacts. With an inbuilt GPS, parents can also setup ‘safe zones’, so that if your child strays too far you receive an immediate alert. Thanks to Moochies, you can let your kids run and play free without fear.

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#7 Thread – Personal safety app for teens


For slightly older kids who don’t think it’s cool to wear snazzy smartwatches anymore, Thread is the go-to personal safety app. Sponsored by the Carly Ryan Foundation and South Australian Government, the Thread app connects a user’s location with trusted contacts and emergency services. Suitable for tweens and teenagers, users can keep parents up to date with messages through the app. In emergencies, a personal safety alarm can be activated which notifies authorities and sends a user’s location to all their trusted contacts.

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