A power outage in India can affect 10% of the world’s population but that’s not the most shocking statistic in this presentation.

Momentum for Change: Urban Poor Special Event

This event showcased climate action by and for people living in poverty in urban centres, including an activity that brings solar energy to Bangalore's slums and one that employs street youth to turn recyclable waste into low-carbon businesses.

Katrina Kimmorley, Australian cofounder of Pollinate Energy makes a compelling presentation at the UN Lighthouse conference. Providing entrepreneurial opportunities and affordable access  to clean energy in India is an idea worth sharing. Share this video with your friends and make sure you ‘LIKE’ Pollinate Energy on Facebook to support them and follow their journey.

Katrina’s presentation starts at about the 2 minute mark. If you want to find out a little more about Pollinate Energy, we interviewed their business development officer, Alexie Seller last year.

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