5 innovative Australian (and 1 New Zealand) human resources startups

This is a guest post by Julian Keys, Director of SalaryOne who recently attended HR Tech Fest in Sydney. 


At the beginning of December, the Eventful Group hosted the 2nd HR Tech Fest in Sydney. New technologies are emerging, the clock is ticking and the big HR shift is on.  Keynote speaker Brian Sommer from TechVentive, USA said that the digital age is a big HR change agent. It is certainly needed, with a lot of HR teams bogged down with forms, spreadsheets and manual processes.

Some of the big players in HR tech exhibited at the conference including Cornerstone OnDemand, Oracle, SAP Success Factors and Workday. This article focuses on some home grown players, from Australia and NZ, who are either start-ups or established businesses that have made the transition to cloud computing. So here are some tools that can make it easier for managers and HR to engage, manage and develop their employees.


ELMO Talent Management – Offers a suite of talent management solutions for recruitment, onboarding, learning and performance management. Includes over 330 online courses for compliance and professional development and a course builder. Based in Sydney.

ELMO Talent Management Software


HR Onboard – Make it easy for new hires to accept a job and complete paperwork with a tailored step by step onboarding process. Includes employment documentation, induction checklists and company information on culture and values. Founder – Peter Forbes, Melbourne.



Pivot Software – Helps organisations use technology to improve their control over complex and often emotional human resources processes for remuneration and performance management. Founder – Philippa Youngman, Christchurch.



Remesys – Streamline remuneration and performance management review processes with configurable R.Review and R.Performance software. Automate performance management, salary review and bonus processes. Based in Sydney.



Time Target – One of a number of time and attendance systems on the market. Provides tools for employers to automate employee rostering, availability and leave management. Provides managers with real time labour cost forecasts and reports on employee attendance. Head office in Sydney.



Weirdly – Find team members who fit your company culture. Create a customised quiz to screen applicants and reduce the risk of a bad hire. Co-founded by Dale Clareburt and Simon Martin, Auckland.



The HR Tech Fest is only on once a year (in Melbourne next in late 2016) but you can check out many other great software products at the Xero Roadshow being held in 20 cities around Australia in February. Check out HR products on the Xero Add-on Marketplace like Deputy, Employment Hero and WorkflowMax.

Julian Keys is Director of SalaryOne a remuneration and human resource consultancy based in Perth. SalaryOne’s services include: salary reviews; HR benchmarking; remuneration and benefits; enterprise bargaining; job evaluation and strategic HR reviews.

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5 innovative Australian (and 1 New Zealand) human resources startups

This is a guest post by Julian Keys, Director of SalaryOne who recently...
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