AppealMe – founded by Annie Gunn & Matt Malcolm

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AppealMe was founded by Annie Gunn & Matt Malcolm. Annie has a background in law and is currently working for the UN in Cambodia. While Matt has a background in technology and marketing and is currently working for a digital marketing agency in Sydney.

Can you tell us about your idea? What is AppealMe?
AppealMe is a free parking appeals platform that helps Australians appeal their parking fines. Broadly speaking we are interested in solving legal challenges through technology and building services that help people.

Please explain your business model.
We are free! We believe the law should be accessible to all individuals. Putting barriers up in the way of finance does not fit our beliefs.

How does it work?
AppealMe guides users through appealing parking fines based on their circumstance. The platform also makes recommendations, such as the inclusion of evidence where applicable.

Talk me through the process?
The platform takes users information, infringement details, the appropriate State regulation, any evidence, and then combines this with an appeal. The platform then makes it easy to submit by providing guidance on where to submit (especially helpful for non-NSW appeals)

What do you stand for?
On a fundamental level, we’re looking to build an organisation with the focus of providing a bridge between the individuals and the law by using technology. When you have situations where individuals are unable to understand and exercise the law on what is a relatively simple matter like an appeal, we think that can be changed.

What organisations do you think are doing really cool stuff in your industry at the moment?
In our industry LawPath are pretty interesting, they are a provider of Cloud Legal services for small to medium businesses here in Australia. Also in Australia is Quberider, who are a space/STEM education startup based out of Sydney who are very interesting.

What about internationally?
While very un-startupy, I’ve always looked at how Patagonia goes about doing business. They’re faced with really interesting challenges due to their values of ‘causing no unnecessary harm to the environment’, which means they’re constantly faced with decisions about they way they design and develop their products.

Tell me more?
Check out this podcast, it’s an incredibly refreshing listen:

Are there opportunities for people to get involved with your idea?
We’re interested in talking to full stack engineers who share the same interest in solving social and legal challenges using technology

What’s next?
We’re continuing to improve our current process in conjunction with looking at other areas of traffic and family law that may benefit from this approach.



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