9 websites that help make ideas happen

At Ideas Hoist and Product Hoist, we love everything related to technology, education and innovation. And we know you love it too, that’s why we have grabbed a handful of awesome websites that are sure to excite your ingenious minds.


Tools for your lifestyle:

  1. Feedly: Optimises your online productivity

Paul Towers founder of Startup Soda and Task Pigeon recommended Feedly. For enjoyment in reading and surfing the web, Feedly is the go-to site to collate all your interesting reads for later. It’s helpful when you’re on a scrolling roll and wants to read everything you come across.

You can also sign up to Paul’s Startup Soda to receive the ins and outs and the daily Goss for innovation and startups. Plus, we have a pretty cool interview with Paul so check out more recommendations from him.

  1. Utrip: The ultimate trip planner for your budget and needs

Damien Stone, co-founder of water3 says Utrip is great to plan your holidays and travel adventures. The technology used to sort through the database is personalised based on your budget and what you want to experience. We think that’s pretty cool, anyone else suddenly feels like they need a holiday?

Also check out water3, an innovative way to drink water while helping to create a clean environment. If you want to find out more, Damien tells us all about water3 here.

  1. Momentum: A personalised dashboard for new tabs

Brendan Falk, founder of State Rank Lectures likes Momentum; an extension for Chrome that personalises and motivates you with a beautiful picture, replacing ‘the drab splash screen for a new tab”.

We checked it out and it’s actually pretty cool. You can also create a daily focus, a to-do list and stay up-to-date with the weather outside.

Brendan’s State Rank Lectures is an HSC learning and preparation service that helps you prepare for those dreaded exams. You can read all about it here.


How-Tos for entrepreneurs and change makers:

  1. How Stuff Works: Explaining everything!

Ben Burton founder of Zeppee revealed he often goes to How Stuff Works for “learning great conversational knowledge”. Covering a mind-boggling array of topics from animals to tech and everything in between, we have definitely put this in our favourites.

Read up on our interview with Ben, where he explains his idea of a new way to rehome pets to good families.

  1. CSIRO: All things interesting

Adam A. Jacoby, founder of MiVote is a fan of the CSIRO website, he says it “keeps me abreast of major STEM activities”.

If you’re looking for some of the best research and cutting edge innovation on the planet check it out – CSIRO presents a lot of their work on their site. Plus, if you’re in need of some help with your idea or want to further your education they can help you.

Check out our interview with Adam. If you love politics, check out MiVote the new and fair voting platform.

  1. Startup Grind: News on startups

Nick La founder of Weploy suggested we check out Startup Grind, he says it’s “great information and news on startups”.

Get into the know-how of when there are entrepreneurial events and get in contact with fellow like-minded startup people. Join the global community and get ready to be inspired.

If you’re interested in digital platforms that make recruitment process easier, check out Weploy and our interview with Nick here.


Innovative ideas to help you:

  1. One10: Social enterprise accelerator

Julian O’Shea, founder of Laika Academy recommended the new accelerator program One10’s website. Accelerator programs for social enterprises are pretty new but they’re on the up and this may be one of the best around.

Check out our interview with Julian and read about how he is creating innovative overseas and Australian programs 

  1. The Foundation For Young Australians: Helping young Australians achieve greatness

Natalie Kyriacou, founder of MyGreenWorld suggests we should check out the FYA website. You can expect to find interesting articles and tips for young people wanting to make their mark in the world. Along with being a great resource for young people, FYA also runs an incubator program supporting young social entrepreneurs and change makers. Subscribe to their newsletter and for all the latest updates.

If you’re interested in helping to create a green world and protecting wildlife, then check out our interview with Natalie to see what she is up to with MyGreenWorld.

  1. Stanford Social Innovation Review: Inspiring those who desire social change

Tom Dawkins is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of StartSomeGood, a crowdfunding platform for changemakers. He recommended we check out the Stanford Social Innovation Review for lots of information and inspiration relating to social change.

Check out our interview with Tom if you’re interested in fundraising for social entrepreneurs and change makers.

Do you have a website that you think is essential for productivity or just a good read? Please share! Or maybe you have a great idea or early-stage business you want to share with the world? To be featured in Ideas Hoist just sign up to the newsletter below or contact us to be interviewed.

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