9 life lessons you might find funny, inspiring or boring and will definitely forget within a week!

9 Life Lessons - Tim Minchin UWA Address

Tim Minchin, the former UWA Arts student described as "sublimely talented, witty, smart and unabashedly offensive" in a musical career that has taken the wor...

Australian comedian Tim Minchin delivered this address when he received his honorary doctorate at the University of Western Australia. It’s funny, inspirational, optimistic and delivered with flair – highly recommended viewing. My favourite quote

Software salespeople need to hear from someone who has had a long, successful and happy career in software sales, not from an overly-optimistic, ex-mountaineer. Some poor guy who arrived in the morning hoping to learn about better sales technique ended up going home worried about the blood flow to his extremities. It’s not inspirational – it’s confusing.

Dr Minchin kindly posted the full transcript on his website. His nine life lessons are summarised below:

1. You don’t have to have a dream.
2. Don’t seek happiness.
3. Remember, it’s all luck.
4. Exercise.
5. Be hard on your opinions.
6. Be a teacher.
7. Define yourself by what you love.
8. Respect people with less power than you.
9. Don’t rush.

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