11 excellent Australian made tools to power your startup’s app or website #PoweredbyOZ

UPDATE: Since posting, Alan Jones from BlueChilli has made a number of excellent suggestions. We’ve added them below!

Since launching Product Hoist we’ve discovered almost 200 innovative Australian products! We realised pretty early on that there are many Australian startups solving problems faced by startups themselves. Imagine how good it would be if you could power your entire Australian startup with tools created by other Australian startups.

Let’s support the Australian startup ecosystem. If you’re using one of these tools to power your startup or website, why not spread the word about it. Just hit click to tweet and make sure you use the hashtag #PoweredbyOZ. We’ll publish your tweet right here under the relevant startup.

If you’re the founder of one of these startups and would like to provide a perk (discount or promo code) to encourage Ideas Hoist / Product Hoist readers to give your service a try – just fill out this form.

Are we missing an Australian startup that makes tools to help power your app or website? Post it on Product Hoist and leave a comment with the hashtag #PoweredbyOZ.


Elevio: boost engagement on your website through integrated education and support Elevio is a plugin for your website which helps you to increase conversions by providing personalised user education and support. The service claims to increase the time visitors spend on your site by 161%. Vote for Elevio on Product Hoist | Are you using Elevio? Click to Tweet #PoweredbyOZ

HelloifyHelloify: Easily add live chat to your website A similar but more stripped back version of Elevio, Helloify is a simple website button that lets you message and live chat with your visitors. You can set it up for free in under 60 seconds, by adding 1 line of code to your site. Vote for Helloify on Product Hoist | Are you using Helloify? Click to Tweet #PoweredbyOZ

InnovaReviewsInnovareviews: Easily add customer testimonials to your website & appear in Google organic search with star ratings. Collect reviews from your customers, control which reviews you publish, improve your search position and build trust. Vote for Innovareviews on Product Hoist | Are you using Innovareviews? Click to Tweet #PoweredbyOZ

BuildkiteBuildkite: Automate your entire development workflow Automate your team’s software development processes, from testing through to delivery, no matter the language, environment or toolchain. Vote for Buildkite on Product Hoist | Are you using Buildkite? Click to Tweet #PoweredbyOZ

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WoCurveWPCurve: Unlimited wordpress support WP Curve empowers business owners to build their business without worrying about WordPress. You get 24 / 7 access to great wordpress developers for maintenance, support & small jobs. Vote for WPCurve on Product Hoist | Are you using WPCurve? Click to Tweet #PoweredbyOZ

bigspendr squareBigSpendr: Easily monitor your AWS Billing BigSpendr makes tracking expenses across multiple AWS accounts a breeze, allowing you to be notified in tools you know and love. Vote for BigSpendr on Product Hoist | Are you using BigSpendr? Click to Tweet #PoweredbyOZ

App BotAppbot: Monitor how people feel about your mobile app Turn app store reviews and customer feedback into actionable insights for your mobile app, automagically. Vote for Appbot on Product Hoist | Are you using Appbot? Click to Tweet #PoweredbyOZ



CorillaCorilla: Create beautiful software documentation Corilla is a publishing tool that allows technical writers to collaboratively author and manage documentation in the cloud. Vote for Corilla on Product Hoist | Are you using Corilla? Click to Tweet #PoweredbyOZ



Scriptrock: Servers, network devices, cloud applications, websites. See all your mission-critical configurations in one place. ScriptRock helps companies track and control system configurations to guarantee reliability and security. Vote for Scriptrock on Product Hoist | Are you using Scriptrock? Click to Tweet #PoweredbyOZ

Bugherd: The world’s simplest bug tracker, just point and click. Capture client feedback, resolve issues and manage projects visually. Vote for Bugherd on Product Hoist | Are you using Bugherd? Click to Tweet #PoweredbyOZ

Bugcrowd: Harness our crowd of world-class security researchers to find flaws in your code before the bad guys do.


Vote for Bugcrowd on Product Hoist | Are you using Scriptrock? Click to Tweet #PoweredbyOZ

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