19 inspirational quotes from Australians making ideas happen to get you motivated for the new year!

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"I just jump straight in and start working on the idea and when I am confident, I think of the smartest people I know with the relevant skills, and hop on my bike to see if they are interested! "We recognise collaboration as being one of the most significant and underused tools available to change-makers and a force that can dramatically increase your business and your impact." "My grandma had a saying about putting in the hard yards first and then reaping rewards, simply translated from Chines it's 'first bitter then sweet'." "The best ideas have come about by getting a group together and talking through all of the angles and perspectives." You can't do anything alone, so first you need to find good partners that will be able to help you implementing any ideas." Interactive businesses can improve cut-through for social change simply by making messaging that is worth sharing." "We learned that we didn't have the answers for the slums and villages we were living in. Instead, we met passionate young leaders who had great ideas to change their communities." "Creative people are modern societies version of philosophers - we're the thinkers, the dreamers and must be the changemakers." "Getting the right team together is the make or break thing for starting up an idea." It might be the thing that somehow changes the world - if not, it will certainly change you." "Wake up...actively avoid having a typical day...Sleep." One of the hardest but most important lessons I've learnt in business: Haters gonna hate." Push through barriers and remove people's excuses." "Well-designed social enterprises can create massive long-term changes" "There are so many avenues for change right now, it really is an exciting time." "It's also just about getting sh*t done with no excuses" "Working in an early-stage startup there is no typical day" "We can all do our part in society""Be careful not to underestimate how successful your business could be."

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